Thursday, 7 June 2012



I liked Magneto and Aeon Flux Girl. Luther would have been good if he had been given more to do, but, alas, he wasn't. There were no real characters to care about, and they definitely weren't developed.

How did the gelogist and biologist get lost when no-one else did? Was this just so we could have a bit of action in the second act? It didn't make sense otherwise, the geologist controlled the probes, how comes he couldn't use his satnav equivalent? The biologist turned his nose up at examining an alien head. An alien head! The biological find of the century!

Why did the engineer chase Doctor Shaw? He could have just loaded one of the other ships and blasted off? What did he have to gain? Well, he was alien, so who understands why they do anything anyway?

The boyfriend, he had such great idead about meeting his creator and yet treated David like a piece of dirt. How ironic.

Lead character - religious\father issues\can't have kids.

Boyfriend -

Geologist\Biologist - cannon fodder.

Captain - cigar chomping kind of guy

Flight crew - self sacrificing

Old guy - desperate to live forecver

Old guys' daughter - driven, determined, not an ounce of fat.

Android - charming, can't die, knows he's better than everyone else, enjoys playing.

Other characters - did you notice them?

Oh well, just a little disappointed. I'm really hoping there is a better, more developed, director's cut out there, and this is a victim of bad editing. I like Ridley Scott movies, I like sci-fi movies, but I found this one not so good and full of illogical holes I just couldn't overlook.



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