Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blog Tour - Hunter No More

The Hunter Class Spacecraft designated 'The Amberjack' disappeared during a routine mission to Seek, Locate and Destroy the enemy Machine Mind contingent known as ‘The Ochre’. Conclusion: It was either destroyed by the Ochre or went rogue for reasons unknown. If sighted, approach with extreme caution.

The 'Hunter No More' blog tour kicks off today with an interview and rafflecopter giveaway on Michael Long's Michaelscifan website. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for hosting.

Further stops in the blog tour are listed below and are also available on the GMTA blog tour website.

8/20 - BEACH BOUND BOOKS (Guest Post)

8/20 - COFFEE, ART & BOOKS (Guest Post)

8/21 - MS. NOSE IN A BOOK (Review)

8/23 - MYTHICAL BOOKS (Guest Post)

8/23 - CBY BOOK CLUB (Guest Post)

9/17 - SIGNAL + (Guest Post)

9/17 - READ AROUND SUE (Guest Post)

9/17 - DEBORAH JAY (Guest Post)


9/20 - WILLOW'S AUTHOR LOVE (Guest Post)

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